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DMV Oral Cancer Walk / 5k 2024

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Dentistry is the story of my life! I am lucky to be able to doing something I love each and everyday!  I wear multiple hats in the dental field. By day for the past 23 years I have been a Territory Representative for Benco Dental and a Regional Sales Trainer. I have built so many wonderful relationships/ friendship's with so many dentist and their staff. By night I teach Dental Assisting  once a week in the work force program at Howard Community College. Helping young men and woman get their careers started in the dental field. On the weekends, I have been working for 33 years as a Dental Hygienist. Treating and educating my patients about their dental health and total health! Oral cancer screenings are a huge part of my patient treatment. I also talk about the importance of the HPV vaccinations  for those under the age of 45 in relation to the recent increase of  oral cancer cases.  I am an educator by natural and I love educating my customers, students and patients about optimal oral health. Please consider donating to something I am so passionate about.  I will also be walking in support of my neighbor and friend Bruce Smith who I can proudly say just won his recent battle with Stage Three Oral Cancer! 🦷🪥❤️