Tongue cancer?  Is that a thing?  But I don't smoke. I don't drink.  No HPV. I'm in my 30's. How did this happen? Those were my first thoughts when I was diagnosed. I'm a 2013 Stage 4 Tounge Cancer Fighter.... yes, I'm still fighting.  The cancer may be gone but the fight continues. The cure was traumatic and life changing. It's not easy having your tongue cut out, re-learning to breath, eat, and speak. I had to make adjustments in my every day living that I never imagined I'd have to do while in the prime of my life.  My family has had to make sacrifices in more ways than one. This horrible disease affects everyone, not just the cancer survivor.  With the help of the Oral Cancer Foundation, we can bring about awareness, education, and hopefully prevention. No one should fight alone and with the OCF, we all fight together.