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Dear All, 

A sibling is a friend for life, one who walks along you, one you create memories with. Someone who is a witness to a life you once share.  In the present of March 14, 2021 I lost the keeper of my  past and a part of my future. That day a mom couldn't wake up her son, a dad outlived his youngest child and an older sister couldn't say goodbye in person. It is forever etched as a dark memory. 

Manu fought the battle alone, showing up bravely and fighting till his last breath. As a Dentist himself, he battled the very thing he was taught to treat. He had no anger or resentment of the cards life had dealt him. Instead, in his last days he wrote reflections of life as he faced mortality at age 34. He found internal peace, beauty in small things, wisdom in his parents, learned from failure, found beauty in small things and never lost hope. These are now a book called, Life Interrupted Dr. Dua's Survival Guide, by Dr. Manu Dua.  Manu's Book and there is a podcast of the same name Podcast companion of the book

 Manu's crossing over, has changed our outlook of life and what and who matters. That time is the most precious commodity. It is not something we can return, refund or replace. It is limited and how time is so fleeting. My time with Manu was short but meaningful. I couldn't save him, but it is my hope that with awareness, we can make a difference. Early detection is the key to early treatment and saving lives. So that no other family has to cremate/bury a loved one due to Oral Cancer. 

Thank you for supporting Manu and our family. Like Manu said, duagoodjob! 

Dr. Parul Dua Makkar

"I would like to share my story that even in the worst of times, and under the worst of circumstances, the human mind, body and soul have a remarkable capacity to heal. We are more powerful than we can imagine." Dr. Manu Dua