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My first introduction to the Oral Cancer Foundation was in 2014; as a member of a Facebook group Tampa Bay Esty Crew a call went out for the members to help with donating items for the 2015 5K event, that was being held at Hurely Park Passe Grille FL. I jumped at the chance to crochet kitchen magnets for the goodie bags to be handed out at the event. 

I was invited to attend the event and as I sat there listening to the young man speaking of his experience as an oral cancer patient I was moved to see if I could do more than crochet magnets for the next years event. I asked the coordinator of the event if she needed help working on the following years event, she said that she was going back to school for her master’s degree and would be stepping down as the coordinator. She asked if I would like to take on the responsibility of being the coordinator, I said yes, I would be glad to. I worked on the 2016 as coordinator and 2017 as co-coordinator with the St. Petersburg College of Dental Hygienists.

I took a few years off to take care of my husband who unfortunately died July 28, 2021, of oral cancer. So, when Brian Hill the founder of the Oral Cancer Foundation reached out to me to see if I would be interested in restarting the event on the West Coast of Florida I said yes. I had no idea that when I first started to volunteer my time that my husband would become sick with oral cancer, however I am glad that I had volunteered because I met Eva Grayzel who helped me processes his illness and educated me as to what to expect. My other go to person was a gentlemen Ed Brown who also advised me on how to handle some complications that came up in my husbands fight against this cancer. 

It is my hope that we can pulled together raising both money and education of the devastating affects of this cancer has on peoples lives. So please help us make oral cancer history and donate your time products or money to help us beat this cancer.