In Memory of Sue Patterson

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August 2005 Sue Patterson was diagnosed with tongue cancer and received treatment. April 2009 she was diagnosed with jaw bone cancer and also received treatment. The treatment she received was horrible as it was at a charity hospital so they were not specialist. They did not reconstruct her face the way they should have. Five years later December 2014 my mom was diagnosed with cancer in her soft palette and oral cancer. She received excellent treatment at a specialist as she has blue cross blue shield insurance. She was able to radiation as well as chemo. At that time they gave her a feeding tube as she was not able to eat solid foods. Every liquid she put in her mouth would still come out of her nose. We thought we were in the clear.

June 22nd my mother went in for her a check up and the cancer was more aggressive than before and could not be surgically removed. She did radiation 2 times a day for 36 days and had port put in her chest for the strongest chemo she could have for 9 weeks. This was only to buy her some more time with us, until she was done fighting. Her long fight ended at her residence along side of her youngest daughter on December 6, 2015 at the young age of 61.